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Your prospects have been hearing the same tired, cookie-cutter pitches from recruiters for decades. But this SMART tool uses the prospect’s own figures, combined with trusted third-party statistics, to PROVE that your recruitment service is the OBVIOUS choice.

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  • How to use the prospect’s own figures in your pitch, and throw a bucket
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  • Why the data this software reveals blows away your prospects’ objections
    to retained contracts, and even makes them reluctant to negotiate on fees.

  • The simple truth behind this strategy which explains why so many recruiters
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  • How to easily add this software into your pitching strategy so you can start impressing (and CLOSING) your prospects.

You can no longer impress prospects by talking about industry expertise, large candidate databases or speed
of delivery.

You NEED a differentiator. You NEED to stand apart.

Here’s a tip from one of the best recruiters we know…

Ask your prospect…

“What can I do for you that will make you feel this has been a job well done?”

The typical reply will be along the lines of…

“Find me a great, experienced, talented candidate I can hire.”

Then you say…

“So, if I find you a great new hire and they leave within six months, will you be happy with that?”

The prospect will, of course, respond…

“No. That wouldn’t be good at all.”

Which lets you conclude…

“So, what you really need is a great, experienced, talented candidate that STAYS in the role long-term.”

It’s a simple little exchange, but it wrong foots the prospect in the best possible way.

And that’s when you double-down.

You roll out our clever tool, and show them exactly why they’ve been thinking about this all wrong!

Why they’ve been unintentionally burning through hundreds of thousands (for big firms, that would be millions) of pounds in wasted expenditure and lost productivity.

You haven't lived as a recruiter until you’ve delivered this as part of a pitch and watched the prospect go through the whole gamut of emotions.

Confusion… realisation… horror… acceptance… and finally awe.

And at the end of it all…

They realise that YOU are in a position to deliver a recruitment experience far beyond anything they’re accustomed to.

Believe me when I say that this makes the close and the negotiation, 1000x easier.

But this is far easier to SHOW than to TELL.

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New RETAINED business, with 25%+ fees.

Who created this software and why?

At i-intro® we believe recruiters, employers and candidates are best-served when the recruitment campaign is delivered through a retained contract.

Everyone involved is happier with the process, and the end result is measurably better in terms of accurate placements and retention.

Our hope is that this strategy and software combination will help more recruiters make their first steps into retained recruitment (or increase their retained contract wins)

This short training will, we believe, go a long way to convincing you that this is something YOU can achieve, and it will be a genuine pleasure to help you make that forward progress.

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