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Transactional Recruitment is Dying

Consultative Recruitment is
the Key to Your Survival

Transactional recruitment is old news. It’s an unrefined solution in a sophisticated world. Employers favour tailored, end-to-end services over CV shuffling. Candidates value personal attention over email blasts and social media sycophancy.

Consultative recruitment is the new beating heart of the recruitment industry. Recruitment expertise, value-added services, evidence-based decision-making and attention to detail are the only currencies worth holding in a post-contingency world. And it’s the key to securing your future in recruitment…

The i-intro® Method | I-Intro

The i‑intro®

Our refined strategies guide recruiters in creating consultative recruitment products, finding new prospects and closing long-term contracts.

The i-intro® Platform | I-Intro

The i‑intro®

Our exclusive assessment tools and campaign presentation software, elevates your results and the satisfaction of your clients and candidates.

The i-intro® Network | I-Intro

The i‑intro®

Attend our exclusive academy events to mingle with, and learn from, your fellow i-intro® members, as well as recruitment luminaries.

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We get it, recruitment is a tough sector with margins always being squeezed. If only there was something out there that will help you earn more and earn better…

Plot twist…



Everyone's a Winner


Release the Stress of
Transactional Recruitment

Consultative recruitment generates long-term partnerships with your clients, easing the pressure on your pipeline and allowing you to spend less time begging for vacancies and more time filling them.


Be Recognised as a True
Recruitment Expert

Take charge of your clients’ talent pooling, vacancy marketing, interviewing strategies, behavioural assessments, onboarding processes and employee development. Instead of being seen as a glorified CV gatekeeper, you’ll be treated like an authority on recruitment.


Enjoy the Fees Your Hard
Work Deserves

Fewer clients doesn’t mean tightening your belt; consultative recruitment commands higher fees. And with a fill rate of close to 100%, you can enjoy higher income and (FINALLY!) predictable cash flow.

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i‑intro® Member
Recruitment Businesses

Fees Won
Graph £150M+

What Our
Clients Say
About i‑intro®

matt gorg

Matt Gorgolinski

Big League Talent Co.

“Working with the team at i-intro® has helped us transform our sales process.  The changes we have implemented are a result of the confidence that they have helped us instil in our business model.  It feels like a real game changer at this time and in the first few months of working together we have delivered some of our best retained assignments worth in excess of six figures.  We are looking forward to working with the team on the next stages of the model where we will engage and promote candidates in a unique way that will further set us apart from the run-of-the-mill recruiters in our market.”

James Pickering

James Pickering

Vision Executives

"I'm now winning retainers at 25 - 30% and we won our biggest ever retainer within 4 weeks of the training"

russell west

Russell West

Roland Consulting Group

"i-intro® is outstanding because it's the definition on consulting, you're providing something to the client that is actually adding value"

chris hickey

Chris Hickey

Mercury Hampton

"We've achieved a couple of million turnover and major growth plans. This month alone we have won £42k in retainers via i-intro® smashing it!"

elii barenholz

Eli Barenholz

GrassGreener Europe™

"We're now doing €1.2million between 2 fee earners thanks to i-intro®"

james spurling

James Spurling

Carbon 360

"We have generated nearly £1million over 2 years"

Marc Leslie

Marc Leslie

IhON People

"i-intro® sounded too good to be true, but I was proved wrong"

Chris Dickenson

Chris Dickenson

The Advocate Group

"A client based in New York found our i-intro® site through an internet search and subsequently agreed a retainer for 4 roles at 28%"

Mike Walmsley

Mike Walmsley


"As a delivery platform i-intro® is absolutely superb because it enables you to control the whole process – and it’s easier for the recruiter, the client and the candidate, which is excellent!"

Paul Hickey

Paul Hickey

GrassGreener GroupTM

"We’ve been able to attract and employ experienced international recruiters, almost entirely because of the opportunity to work with i-intro®"

christopher slade

Christopher Slade

Executive Integrity

"Our clients wanted more value-add and i-intro® provided all of that, the value for money is spot on"

Steven Street

Steven Street

Cubed Talent Management

"At Cubed Resourcing we have embraced technology both at the front and back end; leveraging the power of i-intro®; a multi-platform, multi-stakeholder, real time integrated recruitment innovation!"

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