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It’s not the power of the tech…

…it’s what
you do with it!

A lot of recruitment technology is just for show. These days, slick technology-based recruitment campaigns are the minimum cost of entry. Your clients expect it and, increasingly, your candidates expect it. And that’s fine – we like to think our own software comes with a certain… sparkle. But ALL of that comes second to the most important factor for every recruiter, employer and candidate. Measurably Better Results!

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Candidate and
Campaign Presentation

Present comprehensive profiles for each candidate on the shortlist, and grant your client secure, online access from virtually any internet-enabled device.

Candidate Participation

One of the earliest home runs for the i-intro® platform was the decision to put the onus on the candidate to be involved in the creation and presentation of their profile. Not only does this give the candidate greater agency and, as a result, confidence in the process, it’s also key to identifying which candidates are genuinely interested in the role.

Client and Role Branding

Smart recruiters view (and advertise) themselves as brand ambassadors for their clients and produce briefing material that shows the candidates why they should be interested. Client and vacancy information can be created and presented to the candidates as part of the online profile creation process, as well as the employer’s branding.

Video Intro

Comprehensive interview-style Q&As can be constructed. But don’t underestimate the value of a simple video introduction created by the candidate. Giving candidates latitude to highlight the skills and experience THEY believe to be most important frequently provides valuable, and often eye-opening, insights.

Competency Questionnaires

Scenario and experience questions are a valuable interview technique for establishing the candidates’ abilities but are just as effective when asked BEFORE a face-to-face meeting. Create your own competency questionnaires or invite your client to choose from a bank of pre-prepared questions from a range of categories.

Behavioural Assessments

It’s said that employers hire on experience and fire on behaviour. Which is why behavioural assessments (sometimes referred to as psychometrics) are a critical element of the i-intro® Method. We also advocate for surveying your client’s existing employees to establish a benchmark against which candidates can be measured.

Candidate Location Maps

Enter candidate locations, and the i-intro® Platform will generate a map showing the position of each candidate relative to the employer’s office. This is especially useful for clients who will be placing significance on the proximity of the candidates or the need to cover relocation expenses.

Executive Summaries

While the i-intro® Platform aims to give employers the ability to make accurate, informed decisions, this is not at the expense of the expertise and experience that you, the recruiter, brings to the equation. Create an executive summary for each candidate and you ensure that the most pertinent information, as well as your expert opinion, is suitably highlighted.

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Streamlined Campaign Management

Nothing convinces a client to sign on the dotted line faster than the promise of an easier life. Smart decision-making tools, centralised communication and easy accessibility simplifies campaign management for everyone.

Secure Online Access

Every employer is familiar with the experience of juggling multiple email threads and trying to make sense of a dozen, disparately-formatted, CVs.

CRM and ATS Integrationi

If you or your client has an existing system that must be used, we’ll help you integrate this with the i-intro® Platform and migrate the appropriate data.

Dynamic Weighting IndexTM

The depth of information you’ll provide your client will assist the accuracy of their decisions, but it’s the ease with which candidates can be rated and compared that they’ll remember.

Multi-Language Support

Support for a number of different languages is already available, and translation services can be recommended as required.

Candidate Interview Scheduleri

Once the front-runners have been identified, your client can schedule face-to-face interviews with the candidates using the online booking system.

Candidate Benchmarking

Comparing and contrasting profiles can usually identify the two or three leading candidates that should be called to interview first.


The i-intro® Platform has a reputation for generating enthusiastic feedback and endorsements from clients AND candidates. But it’s only right that YOU should receive the applause.

Full White-Label Integration

The i-intro® Platform is designed to be fully reskinned with your company name and branding.

This includes the complete removal of the i-intro® name from the software and the web portal.

Your white-labelled version of the i-intro® Platform will be accessible either on your current website or on a new domain of your choosing.

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